Melissa J.

LOVE Eco Lawn! My lawn looks like an emerald green carpet. Eco Lawn always sends out an email in advance explaining the lawn treatment they're coming out to do. And they're there when they say they will be. If it rains shortly after a treatment, they'll come back out to check on the lawn and re-treat if necessary. Eco Lawn always responds promptly and professionally to any questions I have. Would recommend hiring Eco Lawn.

Sue C.

Just changed to Eco Lawn this summer for my home and business needs. I have pets and was concerned about both having a nice lawn and more importantly keeping my animals safe. They have done a fantastic job on both counts. I receive an email when they are coming and they always arrive on time.The employees are courteous, friendly and helpful. My lawn looks great and my animals are safe and healthy. 100% recommend giving them a try!

Andy G.

We have been using Eco Lawn for many years and they are fantastic to work with. They come when they say they will and they are always very responsive. The best part of their service is when you call with a specific issue or concern. They will come out to your lawn, look at the issue and provide a specific treatment just for that (and it's all included in the annual fee we pay).

Jennifer T.

My lawn has never looked better. My lawn was looking pretty bad. I couldn't keep it up by myself. I wanted to them to control weeds and make my lawn look healthy and green. They did it no problem! They are VERY affordable and their service is reliable and great. Do yourself a favor. Forget the toxic chemical lawn companies. Go Eco Lawn!

Robert C.

Eco Lawn does a great job and communicates well with clients. They let you know when they will treat your lawn, it's easy to pay and there is a discount for early payment. Best of all, we feel good about their commitment to limiting chemicals that affect our water supply.

Nicole S.

Great customer service. Great prices. Family owned business and you feel like you matter. They do an amazing job. Our lawn is soft and green and healthy!

Jamie D.

We've had a terrific experience with EcoLawn. The product and process work really well. They communicate clearly and consistently so we know when they will be coming to work on our lawn. In those rare instances when we have had some weeds pop up they are quick and responsive to come treat again.

Jitka W.

I've been using Eco Lawn for years and am so pleased with the results. Before Eco Lawn, my grass could not get enough water and always looked dry and stressed. Eco Lawn's treatments have made my lawn progressively healthier and greener each year and there are no nasty chemicals to worry about. I highly recommend them.

Katie N.

EcoLawn has made our lawn look incredible for the past two years. It is incredibly green throughout, almost no weeds or dandelions, and it's not harmful for our dogs or kids. They are very easy to work with as well. Highly recommend!

Joseph B.

Ecolawn is great! Our grass is the greenest its been since we bought our house 6 years ago and our flower beds are nearly weed free. Highly recommend them!

Josh A.

Have had a great experience with Eco Lawn for 6 years. They show up when promised, attend to the administrative details, and have taken great care of my property. Highly recommend.

Amy P.

Great company! They are knowledgable, prompt, and follow through better than any lawn service I have ever had. They work until they find a solution to your lawn problem.

Kathleen B.

From the folks who answer the phones to the technicians who come to your home, Eco Lawn is first rate! Over the last 20 years, I've used at least 4 other lawn services and found each of them lacking in important ways. In contrast, Eco Lawn shows up on time, prepared, and sticks with me until the job is done to my satisfaction! Add to that an easy breezy online payment process and I've found the lawn service I've been looking for! BTW-- I live in SLC (Millcreek), so don't let the Heber City address scare you off.

Monica S.

I like the fact that Eco lawn uses earth-friendly products. I find it helpful that I receive an e-mail the day prior to the application on my lawn. If the day doesn't work for me, I can ask to re-schedule.

Tim M.

My lawn has never looked so good! Thank you Eco Lawn!!!!! I've tried all the others and so glad I found them. I feel comfort knowing my children are playing on grass that hasn't been treated with synthetic chemicals. They also have Great Customer Service which is non existent in the other companies I've used in the past.

Karen B.

EcoLawn has been responsive, reliable and efficient. They have communicated very well. My lawn has never looked better!! It was full of weeds and ugly grass and it is now lush and green. I highly recommend EcoLawn for your lawn service!

Catherine B.

Eco Lawn has been wonderful to work with and my lawn for the past several years had been great- and when I do find weeds popping up like clover they are so responsive. Perfect for me.

Skip F.

Our lawn was a mess prior to Eco-Lawn's care. We are very happy with the results over the past two years. We plan on maintaining our relationship with Eco-Lawn in the years to come.

Mike D.

I've been a customer for many years, and am pleased with their professionalism and responsiveness. Rob is always available to talk about any concerns I have, and more importantly, they are consistent and reliable.

Scott G.

I have very pleased with the results of Eco Lawn for my large lawn in Midway. I had several different types of weeds that they quickly eradicated and it has never looked better.

Jason B.

My lawn is fabulous and free of weeds. Great customer service. Very Professional.

Mark F.

My yard looked terrible before Ecolawn got a hold of it. Even growing up at my parents home my lawn was never as green and full as it is now. All I can say is I'm impressed with the work Ecolawn has done.

Marc D.

Staff are knowledgable and easy to work with. I always get communication about when they are coming and what treatment is to be applied.

Jay Z.

Very happy with Eco Lawn. They are responsive, do great work, use ecologically friendly products and are very professional.

Carla A.

We have used Eco Lawn for more than a year, our lawn has never looked better! We are very happy with the service and the safe product.

Truth InPC

Very pleased with service. Knowledgeable and dependable and reasonably priced.


Excellent lawn care & customer service!

Debbie P.

Great company and great customer service!

John O.

Great company! Got rid of our thistle!

Karen F.

Prompt and good quality service.


This is my second year using Eco Lawn. I am so delighted with their product and service. My lawn was a weed patch before and now it is healthy and beautiful. The most valuable thing for me is that they use mostly natural, organic methods to fertilize and kill weeds. I don't need to worry anymore about my children and grandchildren and our pets playing on the lawn. I feel chemical lawn care is very hazardous to all of us. Thank you, Eco Lawn, for your wonderful care!

Tess M.

We've used Eco Lawn in Midway for 3 seasons and have nothing but praise for the quality of service, ease of doing business and efficacy of the products. In a densely populated neighborhood with unmanaged lawns on three sides, our lawn was always weed-free and healthy. With kids and pets, we were also thrilled to be free of noxious chemicals on the lawn.