Noxious Weed Control


A noxious weed is a plant that the government has designated as harmful to animals or the environment. They choke out native and desirable plants, ruin trails and recreation areas, and can even be poisonous to animals.

Under Rule R-68-9 Utah Noxious Weed Act, you must take action if you have these plants on your property. Our team is well trained in identifying noxious weeds and will keep these relentless weeds under control

Some of the most common noxious weeds in our area include:

  • Thistle (Scotch, Musk, Canada, Yellowstar)
  • Dyers Woad
  • Houndstongue
  • Dalmation Toadflax
  • Hoary Cress (White Top)
  • Bindweed
  • Knapweed

What to expect:

  1. We send an email notification at least a day in advance of each visit.
  2. We spray your noxious weeds (and return every 6 weeks during the season.)
  3. The day after treatment, we send you an invoice that you can pay online.
  4. Weeds begin to curl and die off within 2 weeks, depending on the type of weed.