Bed Weed Control

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We offer a monthly program that will save you hours of pulling weeds in the hot summer months.

As soon as the snow melts in early Spring, we start with a flower bed weed pre-emergent. Then we return each month of the season to spray all new grasses and weeds. Offering both hybrid-organic and non-organic options, we have a program that will fit your lifestyle.

Most importantly, our technicians are extremely careful to spray a safe distance from your plants. Occasionally, grasses grow in the middle of some plants and we cannot spray them.

This program can be bundled with the plant and shrub fertilization program at a discounted price.

What to expect:

  1. We send an email notification at least a day in advance of each visit.
  2. We spray weeds in your garden beds, mulched, and rock areas (and return every month during the season.)
  3. The day after treatment, we send you an invoice that you can pay online.
  4. Weeds begin to curl and die off within 2 weeks, depending on the type of weed. Be aware that new weeds can emerge each week, so please keep us notified.
  5. We offer free weed touchups if the weeds do not begin to die after 2 weeks.